The Intertwinings Collection by Jeanne May

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Dance of the Wind

I feel the wind dance through my hair and onto my face.
I hear the wind whisper its song.
I let the wind come through my body and gently take my pain
and emptiness away
high above
into the clouds
of forgiveness and love.
I watch the wind dance in the leaves,
and I watch in awe.
I let the wind dance through me,
gently circling around
giving me strength, courage
and the hope of life.

From the time when her first poem ‘just fell out’ Jeanne has opened herself to the inspiration that came naturally and the poems have continued to flow.

This poem is just one of the many wonderful poems in Jeannes book – ‘Intertwinings’. Share her journey from confusion to understanding and writingset2acceptance.

Although in many ways a highly personal experience the messages in this book speak to us all and will touch your soul. You’ll find yourself intertwined in the experience of exploring the very roots of human experience.

Artist, Gail Trewenack was so inspired by the poems that when asked to illustrate she knew that she had to become involved. Her illustrations form an essential and beautiful part of this book. Intertwinings is for everyone who has ever stopped to consider the depths of their feelings and for those who, maybe, have not yet taken time to do so

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