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Pewter Figurines Group One
Pictured designs are: Frog, Frilled Neck Lizard, Mouse and Cheese, Koala, Mini Dragon, Kangaroo, Ned Kelly and Wombat.
Price each is $6.00


Pewter Figurines Group Two
Pictured designs are: Seal, Gold Miner, Echidna and Kookaburra.
Price each is $7.00


Pewter Figurinesprospector Group Three

Pictured designs are: Dragon, Pegasus, Koala, Witch, Pelican, Unicorn and Fairy.



Pewter Figurines Group Four
Pictured designs are: Druid, Wizard with Staff, Double Dolphine and the Single Dolphin.
Price each is $10.00


Pewter Figurines Group Five
Pictured designs are: Baby Wombat, Penguin Set of 3
Price each is $14.00