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Crystal Butterfly has a huge range of jewellery kits available. The next three pages are just a sample of the collection. If you would like a catalogue of the complete collection mailed to you click here. These kits are an easy and fun way to get started in jewellery making and also make great gifts.


Beaded Fairy/Angel Kit.
Makes one beautiful beaded fairy.
Kit includes:Instruction sheet, beading wire, safety pins, pearl beads, faceted beads, seed beads, bead cap, wings and star.
Price $4.50



Suncatcher Kit.
Makes one beautiful suncatcher.
Kit includes: Instruction sheet, wire, crimps, assorted beads and a crystal drop of your choice.
Price $10.00



Dreamcatcher Kit.
Makes one dreamcatcher in 3″ (as shown) $10.00 or 6″ $13.00.
Kit includes: Instruction sheet, ring, suede, sinew, legend card, crystal chips, beads & feathers.

Anklet Kit.cranklet

Makes two different anklets.
Kit includes: Instruction sheet, wire, thonging, barrel clasps, crimps, Greek spring, jump ring charm & assorted beads.
Price $4.00


Beaded Glasses Chain Kit.
Makes one pretty beaded glasses chain.
Kit includes: Instruction sheet, wire, crimps, bead caps, assorted beads & glasses chain ends.
Price $5.00



Beaded Bell Kit.
Makes one large & two small beaded bells.
Kit includes: Instruction sheet, beading thread, needle, faceted beads, rice beads, & seed beads.
Price: $5.50


Friendship Band Kit.
Makes two friendship bands.
Kit includes: Instruction sheet, wire, barrel clasps, crimps & assorted beads.
Price $4.00.