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Lethal Leigh Fridge Magnets
Brighten up your house and transform your fridge into an underwater adventure with this cool set of fridge magnets from Lethal Leigh Designs.
This set of eight vibrant designs have a sea theme with a turtle, octopus, penguin, whale, blue fish, yellow fish, blue starfish and yellow starfish.
Each magnet is 9x9cm (3.5″x3.5″) and you can buy the whole set shown here for $22.00 plus postage.

Lethal Leigh Designs is a West Australian owned business which produces a range of products as well as having been commissioned for a number of designs.

The fridge magnets shown are a new line of flat magnets that are finished in bright and vibrant colours on a flexible magnetic background.whale

The magnetic sheeting used creates a very strong and functional magnet and because of their flexibility, they will not break if dropped.

The magnets are light and easy to carry, making them very suitable for the tourist market as well as novel and useful gifts.