Shopping Help

1. Every sellers page has either links or buttons which allow you to add items to your cart. Here’s some examples
A). B). Order
C). Order the Complete Kit

2. Adding an item doesn’t mean that you’ve bought it or are obligated to buy it.

3. You can see what items you’ve added to your cart at any time by clicking on check cart in the top menu.

4. On the check cart page you can remove items, change quantities, continue shopping, finish and pay or leave the site.

6. Payment can be made online by Visa or Mastercard or by printing the order form and sending us a cheque or money order. It’s completely safe and secure.

7. Postage is not generally included in product prices, but when you check your cart you will be shown the amount of postage for your selections.

8. Remember that all quoted prices are in Australian Dollars.
They are likely to be a lot less in your local currency.
For example if an item has a postage price of $AU10 this is currently less than $5.70 US Dollars.